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UFS Ronin 100 (4x100mm)


With the perfect balance between agility and speed, the UFS NN 100 is a top choice for intermediate to advanced skaters. The bigger wheels provide a smoother ride for skating longer distances, and the extra height allows for deeper edging for doing more advanced transitions and slides. The longer wheel base provides better stability... whether it's bombing hills, jumping at the skate park, or freeriding in an urban setting. The custom "V.m" rocker provide extra maneuverability for practicing those technical moves on flat ground.

Nicknamed "ronin", this truly versatile frame will be your go-to choice for all occasions.

Additional information


Custom "V.m" Rocker
CNC-Machined from Aerospace 6061 Aluminum
4x100mm Max Wheel Size
303mm Frame Base
Slight Forward Tilt
UFS Mount