What is a Rockered Frame?

When you buy a pair of skates, chances are that the frame is a flat setup:

This means that all the wheels on the frame are in a straight line and touching the ground at the same time. Since you’re skating on all the wheels, this setup provides good balance, speed stability, but limited maneuverability.

For a rockered setup, the traditional banana rocker is the most common:

The front and back wheels are higher than the middle two wheels with a 2mm rocker between both the 1st and 2nd wheels and the 3rd and 4th wheels. It literally looks like a banana shape, hence its name. This is usually accomplished by either using small wheels in the front and back (eg. 76mm-80mm-80m-76mm), or by having a frame pre-configured with this rocker. It mimics an ice skate blade, and is mainly used for slalom skating. Since you’re only on 2 wheels at a time (with a large 2mm rocker in both the front and back wheels), this setup is extremely maneuverable, but very unstable higher speeds.


What is a "V" Rocker?

The “V” rocker is as the name suggests:

For the 5-Wheel Frame, it’s a symmetrical rocker with the 3rd wheel as the lowest point.  The 2nd and 4th wheels are slightly higher, with the 1st and 5th wheels being the highest, creating a “V” shape.  This creates a pivot point in the middle for easier transitions and better maneuverability, while increasing the effective contact both in the front and back for more stability.

For the 4-Wheel Frame, the “V” rocker is asymmetrical with the 3rd wheel as the lowest point.  The 2nd and 4th wheels are slightly higher, with the 1st wheel being the highest.  This creates a pivot point on the 3rd wheel for easier transitions and better maneuverability, while providing a slight forward lean and more effective contact in the front 3 wheels for stability.

For the 3-Wheel Frame, the “V” rocker is still asymmetrical with the 2nd wheel as the lowest point and shifted towards the back wheel.  The 1st and 3rd wheels are slightly higher, creating a pivot point on the 2rd wheel for easier transitions and better maneuverability.  Since the 2nd wheel is pushed further towards the back, the “V” rocker creates a slight forward lean and more effective contact in the front for increased stability.

NOTE: The new version of the Bot frames is now symmetrical, with wheel 2 equidistant from wheels 1 and 3.

Unlike the banana rocker, which has a 2mm rocker in both the front and back wheels, the V Rocker has no more than a 1mm rocker between each wheel.



What are the advantages of a "V" Rocker?

A “V” rockered setup gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to skating. It’s much better at turning than a “flat” wheeled setup, and much more stable for going fast and down hills than a “banana rockered” wheel setup.

Normally when you use new wheels on a flat setup, it takes a while for the wheels to wear naturally before it gets “broken-in” for a better feel. With our frames, new wheels will feel great from the get-go, so you can enjoy them without having to wait!

All of our frames are specially rockered to combine maneuverability with stability to provide the best experience for all level skaters in various environments.

What is a "V.m" Rocker?

The “V.m” Rocker is a modification of the “V” Rocker, designed to improve maneuverability while still retaining most of the stability of the original “V” Rocker.

To accomplish this in the 5-Wheel frame, the 2nd and 4th wheels are lowered slightly to provide extra points of contact:


In the 4-Wheel frames, this was accomplished by slightly lowering the 2nd wheel to provide an extra point of contact. The rocker is still asymmetric:


Which rocker should I choose?

Both “V” and “V.m” frames are considered “small-rockered” frames, so with either choice you will still turn better than a “flat” setup, and feel much more stable going fast and down hills than a traditional 2mm “banana rockered” setup.

The difference between the two rockers is subtle, and some skaters won’t even notice the difference. But for some skaters, the gain in maneuverability from the “V.m” rocker will give them a slight edge when attempting more complex transitions and chaining together longer combinations.

Will these frames work with my skates?

We now have frames to accommodate three different mounting systems:

Our 165 frames are designed to be compatible with virtually all freeskate boots using the 165mm raised heel mounting system. We’ve designed our frames with extra mount holes to give skaters more room to adjust the frame position on the boot. All the frames have mount holes that will (at the very least) accommodate 165mm-195mm mount distances. Ideally, to have the most flexibility for adjusting how far forward or back on the boots the frames are positioned, your boots should have 3-7 holes per mount plate.

Our UFS frames are designed to be compatible with virtually all inline skate boots using the Universal Frame System. Note that not all UFS boots are designed to skate with UFS frames without the soul plates.

Our Trinity frames use the proprietary three point mounting system designed and patented by Powerslide:


Do the frames support UFS (Universal Frame System) and Trinity boots?

YES! We have both UFS and Trinity NN frames in addition to 165/195 mount frames.

165, UFS, Trinity - which one should I order?

Here are some quick checks you can do to see which system you are skating:

Sometimes called the “raised heel” mount, the back pat of the frame is about 1cm higher than the front of the frame.

The top of the frame is flat, as opposed to the 165 or Trinity frames with a raised heel.

There are 3 mount points on the frames, 2 in the front and one in the back.

If you are not sure which frames will work with your current boots, send us the brand and model of your skates and we will help you figure it out.

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How do I install the frames?
  1. Remove the wheels.
  2. Remove the old frame by unscrewing the frame bolts.
  3. Align your new NN frame onto your skate boot. Choose the mount holes that will most center the frame length-wise on your boot. For more advanced skaters, you can customize whether the frames sits further forward or back.
  4. Tighten the washers and bolts fully so they don’t loosen while you are skating.
  5. Enjoy your new frames!
What is included with my frame order?

Every NN frame order will include a pair of frames and accompanying axles (6 for 3-wheel frames, 8 for 4-wheel frames, and 10 for 5-wheel frames). You will need to have your own wheels, bearings, bearing spacers, and frame mounting bolts (you can mostly likely re-use your existing ones).

Can I do "wizard" type moves with your frames?

NN Frames are perfectly designed for these kind of moves and tricks, both for beginners and advanced skaters.

If you already know wizard-type moves, you can definitely do them with our frame. And if you don’t, it’s the perfect way to start learning!

Which frame should I pick?

Advanced skaters are usually familiar with frame lengths and wheel sizes, and have a preference based on the type of skating they enjoy most. Here’s a quick cheatsheet for the rest of us:

Small Feet: NN84
Big Feet: NN110
New to bigger wheels: NN90, NN100
Super-Nimble moves: NN84
Enjoy Artistic moves: 80X, NN84
Want Best All-Around frame: NN90
Want a little more speed: NN100
Want a little more stability: 80X, NN100
Want alot more speed: NN110
Rougher Roads: NN110T, NN100, NN110
Commuting: NN110T, NN100, NN110
Enjoy 3×110 setup: NN110T
Try 5 wheel frame: 80X

Here are our recommendations based on foot/boot size:

Frame Foot/Boot EU
84 <40
90 38-44
100 42-46
110 45-49


What about orders outside the United States?

Shipping options for international addresses will be offered at checkout. All international customers ordering outside of the United States will be responsible for paying any applicable import taxes and duties required by your country. We will declare full retail value for the customs paperwork. Once an order has shipped to an international destination, it may not be cancelled. 

Shipping Information

For all orders, processing times may take 5-10 business days. However, we will do our best to fulfill orders sooner if possible.

Frames and accessories within the U.S. will ship at a flat rate of $10 per item and delivered via Fedex 2-Day shipping. International shipping times vary from 1-3 weeks depending on region.

T-Shirt orders are directly fulfilled by the printing company and will be shipped separately from other items. A separate flat-rate charge will be applied to t-shirts during the check-out process.

Will I enjoy my skating more with your frames?

Heck yeah!