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Dragon 80X (5x80mm)


The 165 NN 80X frame is the only frame in the 165 NN Family with 5 wheels, and combines the stability of a longer frame with the agility of smaller wheels.

With custom "V" and "V.m" rockers, the frame allows for easier turns and quicker transitions.  At the same time, the frame provides extra stability with its extra length and its extra 80mm wheel. This frame is perfect for developing your skating and artistic skills, while at the same time allowing you to hit the streets for some urban freeskating.

Nicknamed "dragon", this frame plays nicely with the "monkey" block attachment. Take a look here, and try out the magical combination of dragon and monkey.

Additional information


Custom "V" and "V.m" Rockers
CNC-Machined from Aerospace 6061 Aluminum
5x80mm Max Wheel Size
324mm Frame Base
165/195 Mount